As we begin the new year of 2022, we often look forward and forget to reflect back on how we have impacted the lives of others this past year. I hope you all take a moment to acknowledge what a difference you made to a family in need this year at Christmas time. A few weeks ago I watched a documentary called “Dear Santa”. It was about how the U.S. Post Office has a group of volunteers who actually read the letters to Santa and make all the children’s wishes come true. They call them selves one of Santa’s elves. All I could think of was “Wow, we have a whole community of Santa’s Elves right here!” All of you have done just that! You have made many, many children’s Christmas wishes come true! We all rush around to get the job done and then focus on buying gifts for our own families. I think because we are not there on Christmas morning to see the joy on the children’s and the parent’s faces, we forget to stop and think about the impact we have made. Together we have once again shown many families that they are seen, they matter, and they are deserving of these gifts from our hearts.

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